Haunted Woman's Face In Old Painting!
I bought This old oil Painting recently. It is a great piece that shows a portrait of an old oil lamp with an apple sitting at its base. But if you look really close at the top part of the lamp, you can actually see the features of a woman’s face.
I found the face in this painting when I was taking a picture of it to send to my mom. I took a few pictures and then put them on my computer and that's how I spotted the face initially. I have now decided to sell the painting because I don't like having it in my house, its way to creepy!

Submitted by: Tony

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


Even closer

  Staff comments:
Not only does the portrait have a creepy face within the lamp but he also claims it's haunted. You have to wonder if the face mysteriously appeared or if the artist subconsciously added the face unknowingly.  _Jim


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