A friends friend moved into a new house with her family. This photo was taken of her and a group of friends before a night out. Her younger sister (bottom right) began to cry saying that the other little girl had told her she wasn't allowed to be in the photo. As she was the only child in the house at the time everybody was puzzled by this. When looking at the photograph it became apparent that the "other little girl" was a ghost (as seen between the legs of the second and third person from the left).

Submitted by: Channy

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  Staff comments:
Well, it does appear that the little girl was upset judging by the photo. It's mentioned that she was crying because her ghostly friend could not be in the photo with her. Very interesting. Great capture of a freaky dead ghost girl between the legs. I received several emails concerning this photo in my inbox and thought if these people are this persistent, I will go ahead and post the photo. Cool capture.  _Jim


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