I've never actually had anything "haunted" before, but this has a story that goes with it.  I purchased this picture last weekend from an estate sale here in Las Vegas.  The owner told me his aunt painted this in the early 1950s.  When she painted it, there were three figures in the painting - a man in the front right corner, and his wife and child walking behind him.  Over the years, the figure of the man faded to a light image while the rest of the painting remained the same. It is certainly an original watercolor of a Pagoda. To my knowledge, it hasn't been floating around my house, but the owner wasn't selling anything else strange, and wouldn't have told me the story at all if I hadn't asked for the history. Enjoy!         

Submitted by: Dawn

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  Staff comments:
I found this painting especially interesting so I made an offer to buy it. We made the deal and I now own the painting. My conclusion is that the man did not fade due to age or bad paint. I tried washing and scrubbing the image and it's fade proof. I have heard of a painting once where the father figure started to fade in a painting after his death. So, I have to wonder if something similar is going on here. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens to it over the next few years.   _Jim


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