This photo was taken between 2:30 and 4:00 a.m., caught with 0 lux setting on my web cam. I am into spiritualism. I talk regularly with what I perceive as a spirit guide. Whether this is him or not I donít know. I can't really tell if it's a figure of a woman or man, or whether or not the person has glasses on, but the funny part is I was asking for a sign to prove there is something out there. So I set up the cam and went to bed like I do most nights. I usually only catch orbs and EVPs, and have caught the odd object moving. But the tape did not show the figure on normal run; I had to slow it down and catch it in a frame. My house often has voices heard at times by different people, and doors violently bang at night. My dog no longer sleeps downstairs; she bites and scratches the kitchen door to get out. I have EVP tapes of voices entering the kitchen, the dog in distress and lots of other sounds, walking, bells and my name being called constantly. I can catch about 5 to 15 orbs a night, and sounds. The funny thing is, I know when to tape. I don't know how, but a medium once told me these beings are attracted to me for whatever reason.

Submitted by:  John

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  Staff comments:
We need to be aware that "computer cams" can display people and objects as ghostly when there's fast movement. But according to John's comments, his settings were set as to eliminate this error. I found it especially interesting that he had to slow it down to catch this image in a normal frame. That's a good lesson for all ghost hunters. More and more people are reporting that they are seeing frame by frame what they wouldn't normally see on normal run speed. Cool capture!   _Jim


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