Hey homeowners! Wait just a second before inviting those rapscallion double-glazing firms round to quote on some new windows. Wouldn't it be better if you could buy some windows on eBay yourself, especially if they'd been used in a trio of infamous horror movies? No? Let me try and persuade you. This pair of windows was used in the set for The Amityville Horror, Amityville: The Possession, and Amityville 3-D back in the day. They've got a little black-smoke staining from being exposed to fiery pits of demonic lava (I've not seen the films, can you tell?), and are around 55 inches tall. They're probably best avoided if you're at all superstitious about props from entirely made-up horror films that weren't real, but for fans of the Amityville they're a worthy memento.

Submitted by:  Tyler

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  Staff comments:
Very Cool... I would have bid on them! No telling what happened to the original Amityville House Windows. We have been trying to track them down but with no success. They were probably thrown out during the remodel which would be a real shame.  _Jim

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