Borley Rectory was considered "The most haunted house in England." In the 13th century a nun and a monk fell in love and when they tried to elope, they were caught. The monk was hanged for his crime, and the nun was bricked up alive in the walls beneath the rectory. Beginning in the 1920s, there were sightings of the nun's ghost in and around Borley Rectory, and reports of objects being moved and thrown about as if by poltergeists. This was a picture graveyard next to the Rectory. It's believed that this is the monk that remained after being hung.

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In this picture you can see a brick apparently suspended in mid-air in front of Borley Rectory. The picture was taken by a magazine photographer after the rectory had burned down. He claimed the picture to be genuine.
The building burned to the ground in 1939.

Brick suspended in doorway


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