Here is a family photo that has sat on my Grandparents shelf as long as I could remember. It is a photo of my Aunt and Uncle's family who lived in Rode Island. I don't know them well but one thanksgiving my cousin noticed the man in the window that no one ever noticed before. My cousin scanned the photo and we emailed it to my uncle and asked him who was in the window. Uncle Jay has no idea there was someone there when the photo was taken in 1977 but he said that a lot of strange things happened in that house. My aunt and uncle moved out of that house over 20 years ago and until my cousin and I noticed the figure in the window no one had any idea.
Now the photo is always a family ghost story that we have fun with every time we are at My grandparents house. Let me know what you think of our family ghost picture. My friend blew up the window section to show the ghost man close up.

Submitted by:  Chris

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  Staff comments:
It looks like they were taking a graduation picture either before or after the ceremony at their home. Hard to say if anyone was in the house at the time. The figure however, seems huge, both by height and by width. No way to authenticate the photo but it does deserve our consideration. It's been a very interesting photo to study!

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