In an interview with George Lutz IN 2003, he was asked about this photo, and here is his reply. George Lutz and his family were the ones tormented in Amityville
The first time that picture was shown was on the Merv Griffin show back in 1979. It was discovered 3 years after it was taken. Gene Campbell, who was a professional photographer, was brought into the house in 1976 when the Warrens went in with their team. He set up an automatic camera on the 2nd floor landing that shot off infrared film, black and white, throughout the night. There are literally rolls of film with nothing on them. There's only one picture of the little boy. In 1979, I was putting together a book that has yet to be published that included the photographs. The secretary I had at the time was about eight months pregnant. We had dozens of these pictures to choose from that didn't have the boy, and she asked me: "Which one should we put in the book?" I told her to just pick one. She came running back into my office about 5 minutes later saying that every time she picked up the photograph with the boy, the baby kicked her. We then asked my kids if they knew who this was. Missy said it was the little boy she used to play with in the house. I then called the Warrens and the photographer and let them know about the picture."

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The ghostly image seems to match the youngest DeFeo family member who was murdered in the house

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The first time I was introduced to George Lutz was when he called me out of the blue. The call was actually in regards to this photo. I had originally posted it in 2004. The most interesting thing about his call was that I was standing in the Winchester Mystery House at the time. I have no idea how he acquired my cell number and I didn't ask. He then requested that I remove the picture for awhile because he was considering it for a book he was writing. I complied but after his death I reposted it. We became friends after that call. He had no problem admitting that a lot of the events portrayed in the movie about the house were grossly exaggerated. He told the members of his website and message board the same thing. I asked him to please write a book explaining these things to the world but reluctantly, he admitted he no longer owned the rights to those 28 days that he lived in the Amityville House. The house was definitely haunted but just not in the exact way we see it in the movie. George, you will be missed.

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