This tree is a bottle gourd tree, but the fruit is deformed to look like ghost faces. The locals are calling it a Ghost Tree. Namtao is the name of the type of tree. These photos are being circulated by email--I do not know the source of the photos or what province they are from.

Many viewers have chimed in as to why this one particular tree is producing faces. Scroll down just past "Staff comments" for one of the many explanations submitted. Everyone that wrote in all agree. I think this case is officially solved... see

Submitted by:  Tammy

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


The gourds are supposed to look like this

  Staff comments:
The gourds are not supposed to have faces which make the fruit on this tree particularly interesting. It's also a bit freaky to see the same face on every single gourd that is growing on the tree. Was someone cursed? Is the tree cursed? Or is there a simple explanation? Most likely the later, but entertaining all the same. Apparently the tree is a native of Brazil.

Meghan writes, "Hey Jim, was looking through the gallery and noticed your post on the bottle gourd tree. It is in fact caused by placing a mold on the fruit/vegetable when it is growing, and removing it once the desired shape is achieved. There is a guy that is making money by making pears into Buddha shapes. Crazy things they do these days. Here's a picture of showing the process."


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