Brea writes, this photo of a "shadow being" was taken by a computer camera. The person whose home it was had some anomalous things going on and often 'felt' that an unseen being was lurking. She left her computer web camera on for a few hours, recording the room, then went back and looked through the frames. This is what showed up on only two of them. Is this the first true photo of a shadow person? Shadow people are seen by thousands of people and some speculate they're another 'species' of life that just move too fast for us to see. Some catch them out of the corner of their eyes and others have had pretty harrowing, face-on encounters with them. There are people who swear if you record with a web camera like this and play it back, or record with a video camera and loop it thought your TV, then look frame by frame when you're done, you'll find all kinds of beings/things stopping by. Cameras see things we can't and don't. You know that odd feeling that you're being watched?

Submitted by:  Brea

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  Staff comments:
I remember posting these pics about eight years ago. The photos are quite extraordinary to say the least. I guess they're deep into the Secret Crypt archives now. The only explanation other than a shadow ghost would be some type of linen or fabric in front of the lens at the time. Unlikely though, especially considering the fact that it was taken with a cam and no one was in the room at the time. I'm glad that Brea mentioned how we need to slow down the cam film sometimes and look at it frame by frame. That holds true especially with shadow ghost captures because of the speed of the entity.

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