There is one more photo I would love for you to see. (sorry, I am a paranormal buff) lol  My co-worker Christy was looking for a home to rent in Stanford Ky. Her husband found this one and since Christy was at work, he started taking photos of the outside and inside so he could show her that evening. This photo is one that he took of the outside. When he downloaded them, this one startled them as they saw what looks like a small child in suspenders looking out. This home is one of the oldest in Stanford Ky. so I am sure it has seen its share of history throughout the years. Let me know what you think... and again... thanks so much for the correspondence!

Submitted by:  Rhonda

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
Here's another photo from Rhonda. Again, she's been popular on Ghoststudy this month because she has another photo in this gallery and there's also her Angel figurine with strange creatures on the main page. Thank you again for sharing your treasures, Rhonda!

I know what a lot of you ghost hunters are thinking. And I agree, window ghosts are especially hard to make a determination, right? There's so much to consider, glare, reflection, lighting, shadows or even something inside the room creating the illusion. I know and you're right, they are hard to judge accurately when considering the variables involved. However, my feelings are simply this, at least concerning this picture... If I took pictures of a house that I was considering renting, I would think twice after seeing this picture.




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