Hi, this is an enlarged detail pic taken this last Easter at my apartment. The camera was one of those Kodak throwaways with a flash. Over the past couple years I have become interested in, for lack of a better term, “ghost photographs” because of a seriously amazing ecto pic I saw from a friend and which sadly I can’t share as he feels it was a deceased family member and therefore private. I had never seen or heard of such images before I saw that pic. Anyways, since then I always scrutinize any shots I take looking for orbs, ecto or whatnot. What caught my eye in this one was what looks like a small screaming face in the window between the lampshade reflections. Reminds me of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. Looks like he was angry at not being allowed in! The funny thing is, we had previously been burning church incense right under the image. You can see the brass burner on the windowsill. It wasn’t still smoking at this point. May be nothing, but he sure looks like an evil little imp! Thanks for your consideration in posting this.

Submitted by:  Maryanna

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  Staff comments:
I agree with Maryanna, it looks like a tiny screaming face trying to come through the window. I have to wonder if maybe the incense they were burning was actually a ghost deterrent and was possibly stopping the ghost/entity from entering. We however, must also consider the reflections from the lamp etc around the ghostly head. So is the head a reflection as well? From what I can see in the picture I would have to say no. But then again, it's glass so anything goes. As for my opinion, I'm wondering if we might actually have something here.

I want to know what incense they were burning?  :)

Send me your opinions, I'll post a few here for all to read.




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