I'm submitting a photo I took on a digital camera of an abandoned house on my great aunt's property in Pikeville, KY. The house has been vacant for 20 years, and the last tenant was a man who died in the house. I took the photo on a hot, sunny, nearly cloudless summer day, and when I uploaded the photo to my computer, I was shocked to see what looks like a man's face in the right window! Several other people have seen the photo and saw the same thing I did. It does not appear to any of us to be a reflection of the tree outside the window, but we could be wrong. Decide for yourself! If you agree, I hope you'll consider posting this picture to your site :)

Submitted by:  Megan Luecke

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
It might just be glare on a dirty window... but I'm seeing a pretty clear image of a man in the window. If you look even closer you might see two faces. Consider the fact that the trailer has been vacant for twenty years and the fact that the last tenant died there adds an extra level of intrigue to what we are seeing.



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