here is a ghost picture taken by accident. it was taken just a few months ago in a brand new building.
The Small Planet is a very large bar in East Lansing, MI. there were just a handful of people scattered through out. The haze is NOT cigarette smoke. I was actually taking pictures of the band on the stage itself. I was only a few feet from the stage looking straight on yet you can't even see the stage! also included is another picture I snapped immediately after and close proximity as the first. All other pictures I took that night are in perfect clarity with nothing unusual. I have taken lots of pictures at this bar before have never seen anything like this.

Big face in the middle and smaller face to the right.

Submitted by:  Sara

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
A fairly clear face to the right and a larger, angrier and more obscure face to the left. It's a little creepy when considering the possibilities. However, if black & white film were used I would not completely rule out motion blur and living people. Very cool photo!



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