I've always had an avid interest in UFOs/ghosts & all paranormal. This is the first photograph I've ever taken that has completely overwhelmed me! I was speechless to say the least. Me and my ex-girlfriend have recently returned from a great trip in northern England, mainly the desolate, remote and frankly quite eerie North Yorkshire moors. I had my new digital camera & took literally hundreds of pic's of the beautiful panoramic landscapes. Now.. I often capture many 'orbs' but this photo is simply fantastic. We noticed nothing at the time the pic was taken, however upon arriving back home in the Midlands around a week later i was scanning photos on my PC when my girlfriend suddenly grabbed my hand and said 'STOP!' She insisted i zoom in to the centre left of one particular picture, (SD 10306)  which id taken of the rather stunning snow covered fields. (The date on the alien/ghost picture is 19.01.2009, time is 14:14).  At first i never saw it but as soon as we zoomed in.... ... ... we just turned to each other slowly, and quite frankly swore, which i wont repeat. All my friends & family are scratching their heads in awe. I'm not to sure where to send this so i thought id start with you. Please please please can you put our minds at rest with this photograph. P.S I've even included a photo of me to try to prove the authenticity of my pictures. kind regards, Colin Foster from Wordsley, west midlands, England. my email:  colfoster@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted by:  Colin Foster

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  Staff comments:
We're impressed with the story and the pics... let's hope it's real.



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