I saw this photo on the Coast to Coast A.M. website and thought it was pretty good.  I didn't know if you had seen it so I thought I would pass it along to get your thoughts.  Please see attachment; description below. Thanks, Henry

A Ghostly Friend - In June of 2007, my wife took the picture of my son playing around. If you look over his right shoulder, you see his "friend" playing with some toys. This was in a small town, so I took the picture to work with me and more than one person recognized the girl as a girl that had died when a school bus was hit by a train right next to my house. When we showed my son the picture, he said that was his friend. But not long after, for some reason, he became afraid of her and would not go into his bedroom. We no longer live there, not because of the girl, but because we moved to a different town. I love showing people that don't believe this picture and watching them try to explain it.  --Steve Hamilton

Submitted by:  Henry

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
I am presently preparing an article about children who have invisible friends, so I found this photo and the story very intriguing. Not sure why the pixilation around the glasses on the boy. As for the ghost girl, it's a very cool image, even if we can't completely rule out manipulation. I have to wonder if the parents started following their son around taking pictures, I would have!



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