This photo was taken when I returned home unexpectedly from Kyrgyzstan (military) May 2007 due to some issues which happened over there.  I had a choice to either go home or go to Iraq and work with another Detachment for the next 2 months.  I choose to head home to be with my wife and kids. I came home to see my wife and this picture was taken about 3 days after coming back to the U.S.  About 3 weeks later, the detachment I was supposed to go to in Iraq had a tragedy.  3 Air Force Office of Special Investigations agents were killed by a roadside bomb.  If I had elected to go to Iraq, there was a very high chance I would have been on that 4 person mission and most likely would have lost my life. We took this picture and framed it but after sitting and looking at it more clearly.  There appears to be an image of the blessed mother on the front of my shirt.  The tee-shirt I wore was a plain tan-ish tee shirt with no print on it.  However, when I look at the picture there appears to be an image of either a ghost or the blessed mother.  I know this sounds crazy but we still have the photo framed.  I attached a picture of it taken from my cell phone and wanted to get your opinion on it or direction on where I would go to see if this is real or just a background image.

Submitted by:  Erik

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  Staff comments:
I find the face in this photo to be quite fascinating and I'm convinced that the image is a supernatural life form. Most likely a visiting spirit/family member wanting to be noticed. With that said, we need to remember that it does take a considerable amount of energy to manifest in a form we can seen in such a way, so this spirit really wanted to be seen at this time. Could simply be a message of love and respect for one who serves our country (and his family) so admirably. It should also be noted that this photo was taken of a framed picture, so we shouldn't consider the glare and shadows on the sides to be anything other than what they really are. Nice capture!  __Jim


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