A friend sent me these still photos. He says it was a patient doing an overnight sleep study. The clinic where this video was taken is not known. The patient was undergoing this study with video to determine the exact circumstances concerning his condition. As you can see, the anomaly enters the room on the right and exits to the left. I was completely mystified by what I saw and felt a need to share them with you and your viewers.

Submitted by:  Toby


This is a combination of still shots made into a mini-video

Here's the sequence of events:

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
We've seen this video before and I believe we actually posted at least one still photo many months ago. But now that we have an animated showing of the stills, I thought we would go ahead and post this as well. This occurrence has always fascinated me and I think you will appreciate it as well.  _Jim


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