Photo Number  1
Jackie writes us about this first photo. She professes to be  a medium from Edinburgh. She is the one that took this photo at a special function. At first glance, we assume the lady in the background is washed out do to the outside sunlight. However, if that's the case, the lady in red, should be even more washed out, right? The one in red is actually closer to the outside sunlight. So it's a mystery. If you can explain it, send us a line.

Photo Number  2
The person in the kitchen appears to be nude and displays the the qualities of motion blur....but the face in the window should be the real focus of interest. The face could just be a really good Photoshop job but I'll leave that up to you.

We normally don't post these types of photos,
although we get a lot of them. But since there
was some doubt, we decided to display them for
your consideration.

Submitted by:  Jackie (1)  &  Dr. Scurlock (2)

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