The man in the casket is alive...
but look what's next to his head!

My name is Chris and my mother obtained this photograph from a friend who she works with. The man in the photograph is connected to her friend. The photograph was taken in an old prison called the Crumlin Road Prison (Belfast, Northern Ireland). The prison was built between 1843 and 1845. 17 prisoners were executed there, the last being hanged in 1961. 15 of the 17 men who were hanged there are still in the jail. Their bodies lie by the towering perimeter wall in unmarked graves in unconsecrated ground. Several prison staff have also been killed there by prisoners and there has also been suicides. The prison actually re-opens soon as a museum/tourist attraction after extensive renovation work. The man in the photograph was with a group of painters/decorators who were helping with the renovation work. He climbed into an empty coffin for a joke with his friends and they all took photographs of him on their mobile phones. The photograph was took in the execution cell (cell 13) - which was the cell were prisoners spent their last night before visiting the hanging gallows to be killed. If you look to the left of the mans face you can clearly see a ghostly face! Many other sightings have been reported in this prison. There have been many terrible things that have happened in the prison. Many people feel a sudden coolness come over them when they enter the execution room and many have even heard cries. 
Thanks, Chris. Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Submitted by:  Chris

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  Staff comments:
I think Chris said everything that needs to be said about this photo. A most remarkable capture.


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