Calgary, Canada, is not a city normally assoc­iated with aliens. Until now. Karen Henuset couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a peculiar image on the wall of her home. “Oh my gosh, I’ve lost my mind,” she said, before calling on her nanny to witness what Henuset believes to be the image of two aliens (above). The nanny was apparently so scared the “hair on her arms just stood straight up”. It’s as “clear as day”, claims Henuset. “You see two eyes on each of them, they both have this little thing over their head. It’s a little weird.” But perhaps not as weird as Henuset believes, as a neighbor is of the opinion that the odd images are just window reflections, because the phenomenon only happens in the afternoon between 4.30 and 6pm – and when it’s not cloudy. Explanations like that don’t fool everyone and the neighborhood kids are unanimous: “There’s aliens, real-life aliens on a wall,” one unidentified girl said. “No one believes us.” Check the invasion out for yourself at:

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Because of the circumstances presented, we of course believe this to be a reflection, but what a reflection indeed!  : )


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