Amazing ghostly skeleton picture. My girlfriend and I are really into the paranormal and got to talking about some of our past experiences with my Dad and he said he has a pic of a ghost. He is a caretaker at Erchless Museum in Oakville Ontario and his boss was taking pictures of the grounds and caught what looks to be a real ghost. I thought it may have been someone inside or reflection of a tree. Turns out the museum was empty at the time and that side faces Lake Ontario and there are no trees across from the house! Zooming in, the hand is really noticeable (almost looks like a golf glove) a body and a skeletal face are also seen. This house is known to have a lot of "things" happen and was part of the underground railway (many people died there). I need help cracking this one!

Submitted by: Adam

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


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