The attached picture was taken in July, 2005.  I really donít know all the details about the day it was taken.  This dog belongs to the sister of a coworker of mine.  My coworker has this picture as her background on her computer.  Today, another coworker was using her computer and asked her if she had ever noticed the left eye (if youíre looking at the pic).  My friend said she had only noticed that the eyes were not the right color - the dogís eyes are actually brown.  She didnít really think much about it.  After he mentioned it to us, we zoomed in on the eye and it looks like a bald manís face.  We are shocked that we didnít notice it before Ė it seems so obvious now.  I asked her several times if John (the other coworker) had added this to the picture to play a joke on me - she knows that Iím always looking for things in my pics.  I do not know enough about photoshop or editing programs to be able to tell if the picture was altered.   She assured me that this was the original photo.  I told her if I sent it in to your website, you would definitely be able to tell if it was legitimate.  She said to send it because sheís interested in your thoughts as well. Thanks for your consideration.  Please let me know if you need any more information Ė Iíll get whatever you need.

Submitted by:  Susie

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Extreme close-up

  Staff comments:
This has me thinking that maybe we as ghost hunters should start taking pictures of the eyeballs of animals and even people! Just maybe.....by chance, a spirit or ghost can make it's presence known through the eyes. Hey, it's worth our consideration, right? Anyway, I did study the photo and according to my analysis program, it states that the photo was not altered or modified from it's original form. I tend to agree with that. However, I never completely rule out Photoshop but this one seems to have real merit. It passed all of my tests. So let's start taking pics of eyeballs, I'm serious!


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