I my name is Ian, I am from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I have attached 3 versions of a picture that was taken by a friend of mine who is a Property Manager in Melbourne, the picture was taken in 2005 with a 35 mm camera (a requirement for real estate photos at the time) and she used the whole film taking photos of this house. These pictures have not been changed in any way other then the inclusion of the red box to highlight the subject and the cropping of the red box to focus in on the subject, the other photo is complete and  "as is" She was taking routine photos of a new property that was going on the market to be leased in the Fairfield area (a suburb of Melbourne) for the purpose of recording the condition of the house, prior to it being leased. The photo was taken during the day and she swears black and blue that she was definitely the only person in the house at the time! As you can see she is standing in the doorway taking a photo of the bathroom (she is wearing the orange scarf) and the flash of her camera is reflecting back off the bathroom mirror. If you look closely you can see a figure (male) to her right, looking directly at her. She had no knowledge or feeling of anyone there at the time. When she got this film developed (by a developer who she uses for all her photos) she was looking through them with a colleague who commented "who is the guy that was with you..."? She explained that she was alone and that there was no way that anyone else was in the house!! She then looked at the picture and freaked out as the image of the male looking at her is quite clear. She went back to the film developer and asked him to check to see if there was any way he could explain the figure in the photo, he said that he couldn't explain it and the fact that the whole film was taken of an empty house with no people in it (except for her) ruled out the possibility of a double exposure. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this photo, I am a huge fan of your site and have been enjoying the content for years, I am happy to be able to contribute.  

Submitted by: Lan / evo_smith@yahoo.com



  Staff comments:
--To us, it looks like a very deformed male ghost or possibly even two male faces. Very creepy photo!


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