This picture was taken with a Kodak Easy Share DX4900, in may 2002 at approximately 8pm.It was on the third floor of the old bank building in my town. The third floor was a lodge hall belonging to an organization called The Master Woodcutters of America. Their lodge symbol appears in the masonry, in the front of the bank. The hall has been abandon for approximately 80 years and is just as they left it. The only change is that the windows are boarded up and there are several hundred bats. The picture was taken in the main room which is 22x40 feet and was lit by a work light. Two 300 watt halogen bulbs. Also there is no glass in the windows only plywood. I was trying to get a picture of the metal ceiling. The bright light was making the bats fly around in a frenzy looking for a dark place. I took a picture to the room to show my friends. When I returned home and downloaded the pictures, the one I had taken of the bats flying around the room appeared to have the full image of a man standing near a back window. The window is 52 inches wide and 7 feet tall. He appears to be wearing clothing from the early 1900s. There were also two bright orbs of light that appeared to have faces. May have just been dust from the bats. I cropped the main image and e mailed it to my sister. That night my hard drive crashed and I lost everything. This the picture I sent my sister. If you want anymore information let me know. Thanks for your time.

Submitted by: Todd / Russell1076@wmconnect.com

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