I have enclosed a pic for you to have a look at. The picture was taken at the Old Melbourne Gaol in melbourne Victoria Australia. My sister, a friend, my mother and myself all went on a 'ghost hunting tour which they hold on Saturday nights from 9pm till 5am in the morning....... During our walk, when we first got there, I randomly took some photo's of the upstairs cell and the landings......at the time, I took this particular photo, there was no-one there on the landing with me, and the facts that go with the history of the gaol, is that when they used to be let out of their cells....it was only for a span of 10-15 minutes or there a bouts, they were bound either behind their backs or in front, and they were to wear a 'silencing mask', which was a hood placed over their heads....... Upon looking at this photo after printing it out, I saw this being in the door way. I noticed that its 'see through! Many people have had a look at it....they all freak out.

Submitted by: Mrs. Fiona / gmh1975@wildit.net.au

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