I live on the end of Ivey Road in Lebanon... I often walk the woods to enjoy nature out here at the very end of Ivey Road the woods to the left, and I have often seen an elderly man, walking along the creek bed. I have also seen dark shapes/shadows during the early evening. This photo was taken at the spot revealing what I consider a ghostly presence. We would appreciate your comments.

Submitted by:  Thomas

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  Staff comments:
To me the face appears to be longing to make contact or convey a message. There's also a streak going across the lower part of the face. At first I summed it up to glare, but now I'm not so sure. The streak shows apparent dimension in that it is shown going through the reed on the left and behind the tree and not just in front of it like glare would do. So we must consider the possibility that the streak is also part of the figure. Of course we haven't ruled out the face being a speck or smudge in front of the lens either but it's doubtful. We may actually have something worth considering here.

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