I took this picture 11-09-2008 at devil's den in Gettysburg. It was cold ,40-45 degree's. This is a night photo! 6-8 min exposure, mostly clear, few cloud's, full moon . I used an old 35mm camera that you can set shutter speed, set on b, full opening, used tripod, shutter release cable. I was hoping at least to get streaking orb's / energy light's/ecto . When I saw I got a half body apparition, I couldn't believe it! It look's like he's posing, look's like he has a dark hat on, mustache, if it was  a living person they would have to stand still for at least 10 sec's to several min's to be seen, and their leg's would show as well their whole body. I scanned original 4x6, and 8x10 but they came out too dark, I played with contrast& brightness a little on full pic before scanning, 2nd pic close-up was taken of 8x10 pic under lamp. Ignore 2 figure's on rock's, just tourist's. Bright spot on upper right is camera flashes'. There were no reenactor's around, and I didn't see anybody walk down from the rock's. I never got anything more than orb's in 12 yr's of taking pic's at devil's den, not even ecto. This is my best ghost pic at Gettysburg yet, I wish I got his leg's, and was closer to me, and took more than one shot. This is not photoshopped or, altered in any way. This is the real deal, believe it or not !

Submitted by:  Karl Reiman

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We can't really confirm that this as a true ghost picture because it very well could be a living person. But according to the submitter, the exposure was set to at least 6 minutes. If that's true then a living person would pretty much be ruled out and a ghost would actually be considered. But there's no way to confirm the exposure setting. And considering the distance from the camera, any person would appear somewhat distorted. It looks very cool though and I have great hope that it is what is claimed. It's always exciting to see photos from Gettysburg!

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Jim, this has to be the holy grail of all ghost photos at Gettysburg. The location is Devil's Den which I've visited many times and recognize the rock/boulder formations. I just visited myself the weekend of Sept. 18-20 this year. Incredible to think that this Confederate Civil War Soldier is still lingering after 146 years. I'm surprised it hasn't hit the media and newspapers.  This photo should be plastered everywhere.  I know for sure spirits are there in broad daylight, and willing to pose for the camera.

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