I took this picture on April 10 2001. The picture was taken at Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island in Canada. It was taken with a Fuji film Digital Camera.
My father in Law is in the picture, he was a visitor and I had told him to hug the tree as it gives everyone energy. I cannot explain the fog like substance
as the other pics of him in the area were perfectly clear and I don't remember any ground fog at the time of this picture. The fog has the shape of
people holding hands with him . Very unusual and original. Let us know what you think.

Submitted by:  David Excell

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  Staff comments:
I believe we posted this picture many years ago, and it still impresses me as much now as it did then. It has the appearance of human ghost figures joining in as this man attempts to stretch himself around the tree. It's actually a compelling and somewhat entertaining photo to observe. Of course we have to consider the possibility of this being cigarette smoke. However, if that's the case, it's quite an interesting formation and quite coincidental as well.

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