I've been traipsing around your site for years and never had the opportunity to submit anything of my own.  So here's the back story: My grandmother died of cancer this march and it was very hard for most of the family, especially my grandpa.  He admitted to my mother that he has been recently having dreams of my grandmother where he can almost see her but not quite.  Well about two weeks ago, he had another dream where he could finally see her but she disappeared when he tried to hold her.  This was very tough on him.  That same day after visiting the grave site, my mother and aunt were taking some pictures of my grandparent's house with their huge garden and some storm clouds that were rolling in.  It hadn't begun to rain yet so I don't think what's in the pictures is a water droplet but I can't rule it out.  I believe in ghosts and spirits of all kind but I also love very much to debunk some of the goings on people tell me about. Now my dad's  theory is that this is a problem with the film since it's from the last couple of pictures on the roll (there were about two more of the garden that aren't included) but it's not on all of them taken that day. I figure if I submitted them here, someone may at least come up with what it actually is if it's not supernatural.  Either way, it's a pretty amazing coincidence.

Submitted by:  Becky

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  Staff comments:
We here at Ghoststudy are not quite sure what to make of these images. No sure if it's a spiritual manifestation or simply a malfunction with the camera or possibly even photo manipulation. Please write us if you have any reasonable explanations for the images appearing.

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