Hello, I write from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those two pictures were taken on a pub 15 days ago with a few minutes of difference between. Can you tell me if the green virgin on my friend is a ghost or something? In the second picture it seems like moving outside off the shoot of the camera. (Sorry for my bad English!) I need to know if this is something paranormal. I've called him and he doesn't answer about 4 days ago. I'm scared this could be a message. Thanks for giving some attention to these unusual pictures.

Submitted by:  Karen; Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  Staff comments:
The pictures appears to be cropped, so it's hard to make an actuate analysis when we don't have privy to the complete photos. Based on what we are seeing, it looks like there is motion blur from something green just outside of the photo range. So we would need to determine what the green is coming from. What obviously jolts our attention is the robed image around the man's head. It's very interesting to say the least. In the first photo, we see the top portion of the robed figure.... and the second picture displays all of the robed figure. It could be a supernatural occurrence... but we certainly can't rule out a figurine being created because of motion. You comments would be appreciated.

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