This is a photograph taken on my Mobile phone while on a Ghost walk in the city of Lincoln. It was taken at the back of Lincoln Cathedral at the site of "The Haunted Arch" so called because it is supposedly the most haunted part of the city, with more sightings reported there than anywhere else. The image on the right is a girl walking from the arch up to where everyone was standing with cameras etc- but nobody can explain the misty figure on the left hand side just behind the girl. The arch itself is said to be haunted by the a figure of a priest dressed in a long buttoned up coat wearing a flat hat. But on my picture- many people have said that it looks like a woman wearing a low scoop neck dress with her head slightly turned away from the camera. I personally think it looks like a man in a hooded cloak, holding some type of staff or maybe a lantern. 

Submitted by:  Lauren

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