I live in the South West of England in a town called Weston-super-Mare. Please find attached some very weird photographs I took on the 25th November 2007...They were taken in a Church Graveyard at a place called Uphill which is a small village within Weston, it was at about midnight, taken with a 3.2 mega-pixel camera phone. Having a general interest in the supernatural I decided to snap some pics up there as it's been known for it's ghost stories. It was a misty night and very windy up on the hill where this graveyard is, I snapped several areas of the site and purposely only looked at them when I got home to avoid getting freaked out and bailing out early. Weston is renown for it's ancient Roman history, and I appear to have captured what I believe to be a Monk, in ancient robes. What's scary however, is that if you zoom in which I have included a picture of, you can quite clearly see what can only be described as a skull-like face. I won't be going back to the Church in a hurry!

Submitted by:  Andrew Sharp

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  Staff comments:
Fascinating photo of what appears to be an apparition in the cemetery. An extremely rare capture indeed! I agree with Andrew, it does appear to be a Monk in ancient robes. The sparkles at the top of the photo were created from slight motion from distant lights. However, the minimal motion did not affect the rest of the picture. I also include Andrew's cropped version of what looks like a skull. I believe the skull is simply an illusion. Great photo and we are honored to display it on Ghoststudy.  _Jim


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