This pic was taken on a mobile phone while visiting Kirkstone Pass Inn. It's in the lake district in England and was taken on the 2nd of December. While there, my friend in the pic was reading the visitors comment book. There were lots of spooky things happening to quite a number of people. The inn itself is known for being one of the most haunted in England! I didn't notice the strange shape till I downloaded the pic. Might be nothing but thought it was worth a look considering where it was taken. thanks for having a look!

Submitted by:  Carole

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  Staff comments:
First of all, I find this photo quite amazing! The misty face is actually looking right at the young man in the picture...chilling! However, considering the lack of charity, I will need to label it as a "soft ghost". That because of the possibility that it could be an illusion.  Very impressive picture!  _Jim

Definition of a "Soft Ghost" :
The term "soft ghost" is easier to remember than the actual scientific term, "Pareidolia". It is illusions in things created by our brains wanting to see something familiar. The difference however, is that a "soft ghost" actually has the possibility of being something paranormal,



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