We here at Ghoststudy have included this photo just for fun. We recently bought it from a dealer and thought we would share. It's obviously an illusion but a really good one! In these old time photos, you had to be perfectly still to avoid motion blur, streaks and the illusion of invisibility. So we suspect the horse kicked at the time the pic was taken. Thus creating the illusion of invisibility. And with the background blending in with the color of the horse it simply further enhanced the illusion...Cool pic!

Submitted by:  Jim Eaton (Ghoststudy)

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Extreme Cose-up

  Staff comments:
I thought it appropriate to include this photo for the lesson value it presents. The old portrait photos of the late 1800's and early 1900's were notorious for creating the illusion of invisibility. I see these pics sometimes of a street portrait and it looks great, but anyone walking it the picture is mostly invisible or looks like a shadow ghost. Cool effect but one synonymous with old time photos. So be particularly mindful of these types of illusions when viewing old time photos.   _Jim


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