Tetley's Brewery was founded in 1822 and is still brewing to this day at its home in Leeds England where I have been working there for the last six and a half years. Recently, we were walking around the older disused parts of the brewery namely the cellars and the tunnel leading to the Leeds Liverpool canal. There are many old derelict rooms there that are not safe to work in. As we were on the night shift and there is no electricity in this part of the brewery, we were using the torch lights on our mobile phones to get around and taking random pictures where we could. This picture is interesting because its not what I was taking a photo of. I hope you can see this. I see the eyes, nose, jawbone the whole face. My mobile is a Sony Ericsson 550i with a 1.3 mega pixel camera. The only alteration to the photo is the different colors to help enhancement.

Submitted by:  Andrew

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