My name is Lana White.  We were in West Virginia at our cabin back in Nov of 2005.  It was a very clear and sunny day and I was taking pictures of the property a few distance in front of me.  It was the day before hunting season started so no one was around or on the property being it is private and has a fence around it.  I snapped this picture and what seems to me to be a picture of a soldier?  I'm not sure, what baffles me is he looks to be wearing attire of a confederate soldier not union, and the form is very see thru as you can see from this picture. He is looking off to the side also and not towards the camera and appears to be holding a gun of some type with a strap.  I wanted to see if maybe you could shed some light on this picture.  I've shown it to many people and we are all in agreement that it seems to be a ghost soldier.  This was up on the very top of the mountains in West Virginia.

Submitted by:  Lana

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