This is a picture I took of what we believe to be a ghost. It was my birthday and I took this picture of two of my friends. I used my cell phone camera for a quick picture. It's a Sony Erikson k750i. It's not a high resolution photo but you can see something very strange behind my friends. If you zoom in, you can detect what looks to be a deformed face. If you will have some time, please examine the picture and let us know what it could possibly be. It's scary for us to consider the possibilities.

Submitted by:  Filip Gaži

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
Because a low resolution cell phone was used, we can't completely rule out distortion. However, the wall seems to be rather clear. If it is distortion then it would be a mixture of low resolution and motion of a passerby. Otherwise, it would have to be considered otherworldly and up to no good. Very creepy image!

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