This picture was taken by my brother Timothy. This photo was a random picture taken at Cow Palace in San Francisco during a Rave Party on May 24th 2008.  We just recently noticed the "thing" on the bottom right hand corner.  I would like you guys to share this picture with the rest of the world.  This picture has never been modified in any way and is directly off of the digital camera that took the picture.  The picture is called "The Grim Raver"

Submitted by:  Theory Vue

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  Staff comments:
It looks like a face fairly close to the camera and possibly posing for the picture! Of course we must also consider the possibility of lens flare or even light refraction.


Hey, just commenting on the concert photo, I believe there is nothing paranormal about it whatsoever. As you can clearly see it is a  light (Probably a moving one) that has been captured in the middle of a woman's chest. You can clearly see the neckline above her chest, her neck and her hair where it comes down the side of her neck as well as the bottom of her chin. Just a freaky occurrence that it looks like the Joker. You can even clearly see her head silhouetted against the colors behind here. Hope this helps and is a valid contribution, I know that ghost hunting is equally about disproving photo's like this which are weird coincidences nothing more.  _Steve Astill
Not sure we're seeing exactly what Steve is seeing but it's a good theory and it could be correct... thanks, Steve!

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