This picture was taken in Dec. 2006 at Fort Fisher civil war battlefield by David Windom Director of Carolina Paranormal Research Society. It shows a concentration of energy and was not seen at the time it was taken. CPRS is a paranormal group based in Lumberton North Carolina.

Submitted by:  David Windom, Director CPRS

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Close-up shows anomaly going through ground cover

  Staff comments:
Similar anomalies like this are normally considered motion from a light source outside of the cameras lens view. This particular anomaly however is different than what is normally labeled motion. Secondly, the stream of light in this picture hits something on the ground, goes through it and continues off the frame. Motion streaks within a photo will NOT go through objects as this appears to do. This is a very interesting photo for the reasons stated above. If anyone has any ideas on this, please send them along. For now we'll have to consider this some form of supernatural stream of energy... cool!

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