I have a picture that I took a picture of my daughter two years ago last October, using my Samsung cell phone. I forwarded the picture from my cell phone to my computer, opened it up and found that the picture taken captured not only my daughter but another girl in the left window pane of our chimney glass covering. My daughter and I were the only two people in our room at the time of the picture.  There was nobody else in the room.  I know this for a fact and my wife can confirm this as she was working our office located on the other side of the home at the time of the shot. This picture, I believe would make a great addition to what I have seen on your sight.  Plus, there are many unprofessional sites that do not deserve this authentic shot. After reading your site, I trust you and your opinion.  There is definitely life beyond our understanding and it is certainly trying to communicate with us. I am only bringing this to light now as we no longer live in that home and from what we had experienced in the home and two other homes, I did not want people coming to our house to investigate or interview me or my family regarding the image. If this is something you may want to see, I would be happy to include the picture, if not, well I am glad I have taken the first step towards closure on this subject.

Picture was taken October 16, 2006

Submitted by:  Jason Perales / thejet25@cox.net

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
I have corresponded with Jason concerning this photo and there does not seem to be any logical explanation for the image of the girl or young woman in the glass. The girl seems to be wearing summer clothes or under garments.

If you look closely, you will also see a small child (baby) holding a baby bottle next to the girl in bathing suit.  By the way, love your webpage. _Faye

Honestly, it appears to be a reflection of the girl. You can see the hat and the wrinkles in her clothes match the little girl's. The odd thing is that the "reflection" is reversed!!   _Marshall

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