Weird things have been happening in my house. Lately I've been hearing strange noises and the doors in my house sometimes suddenly slam shut. I blast my heater all night but no matter how high I have it set, it's always freezing. Things have been real creepy lately and  I always feel like I'm not alone. Like someone, or something is in my house with me.  I live by myself and sometimes it's too much to handle. But what happened the other day was the final straw. This may sound crazy but here goes. The other day I noticed that one of my candles had fallen over by itself. It was still burning when I found it lying on its side. I blew out the flame and set the candle upright. What I noticed after that almost made me gasp. As the candle lied on its side, still lit, it melted the wax into the shape of a ghostly figure. I am convinced that the image in this candle has something to do with the strange events occurring in my home. I did not believe in ghosts or spirits until recently, and I do not expect you believe in them. But I am hoping that maybe if I get rid of this candle which bears, what I believe to be a spirit of some kind, that maybe these weird events in my house will stop, and I can get a good nights sleep. I believe that there is some sort of paranormal significance to this candle and this event.

Submitted by: Jerry

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