I took this picture a while back on my mobile phone. I understand that as it is digital it may be difficult to acknowledge whether it is real. I took the picture as I went in my bedroom. we have always had strange occurrences that have happened in the one bedroom of the house. I entered my room one night as I was going to bed, I heard a slam of a door and I felt uncomfortable. I looked around and where I had chucked my jeans on the floor there was what I thought a face on them. I quickly took a picture but unfortunately I could not get another.

Submitted by: Darren / big.daz81@virgin.net

  Staff comments:
--We have posted this photo before (last year) as a soft ghost. But after our annual review, we decided to post it again as a genuine ghost photo. The face that appears on the pants is absolutely spectacular. The purse/object on the left also seems to take on the appearance of a face as well. It's one of the most unusual photos we have ever posted.


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