My name is Ryan and I live in Connecticut.  I don't really have the time or patience to tell you the whole story about this picture, but I will give you the short version.  This picture was taken on 6/6/06 at around 1am.  The picture is of my grandfathers house burning down.  It was one of the saddest moments of my life.  He had lived in the house for at least 65 years.  Before that my great aunt and her mother lived there.  The house was originally the Middlefield post office and general store.  The house is at least 165 years old that we know.  My grandfather is deaf and kind of out of it most of the time, so he never really had any experiences to talk about in that house.  A few years before the fire, my cousin moved into the house with her 4 year old son.  Many strange things happened upstairs in the house every night.  Everyone in my family that spent time in that house has stories including myself.  We would constantly hear footsteps in the upstairs hallway a few times a night.  You would see human like shapes out of the corner of your eyes.  I can't even begin to tell you about all the experience that my cousin and her son had.  I never believed in ghosts before I spent a night in this house..... On June 6th the boiler exploded in the basement and immediately set the house on fire.  I arrived a little after 1am and this was the first picture I took.  Two days later I was looking at the picture and notice a face just above the right side of the roof line.  It appears to be the face and top of a bald man's head.  If you look at the little yellow hotspot its just to the right of that.  Many people have seen this photo and not one person can say that its anything but a face.  This picture was not altered in any way.  If you have any answers for me I would greatly appreciate it. 

Submitted by: Ryan Kane / RTKFilms@aol.com



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