This is the third time I am sending this, I really hope you get to view them this time. This is a photo I took at a Seattle bar during our last night of a seven day vacation.  We were doing a 'pub crawl'. I can't remember the name of the bar but at the time it was just us (me and my two girlfriends) and the bar staff, no one was smoking and no one above us where this walk way was on the second floor.  I don't know why I took this photo.  We had been on the underground tour and haunted tour and hadn't caught anything on film.  This was taken on a 35 mm camera, 400 speed film. When I first had this photo developed only the white underneath the banister was visible.  Now six years later you can see two faces.  They don't come up very clear from the scanner I used.  I love your site and feel free to contact me about this photo.

Submitted by:  Dena Crane

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  Staff comments:
Dena apparently sent this photo three times before I finally received it. It's a little risky to post such a picture because it could easily be a trick of light. I don't see two faces like Dena does but I definitely see one rather prominent face. I felt it was interesting enough to post. If you don't see it, just keep staring, that's what I did. Like I said, it could be nothing... but then again, a translucent faded ghost may easily appear just like this. Let me know what you think of this... I'm curious.

Here's an additional picture that Dena is using to show us the two faces displayed in the photo. I'm now seeing both faces and the one on the left seems fairly clear

Look closely and you will see them

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