I am attaching a picture of a face on my sons shirt. It was on November 9, 2008 while they were playing in the leaves. It was chilly that day approximately 42 degrees. It was also overcast on this day. Please if any one has any answers to this picture, please respond. It is my son in the middle with an all gray shirt on.

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 Sarah Kaiser
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Sarah mentions the boy is wearing an all gray shirt and that's how it appears to me. So, what looks like funky upside-down glasses and even the face should not have been present on the shirt. There is the possibility however, that some type of reflection could produce such an image but what about the glasses? And then we should consider the fact that it was overcast.... thus minimizing the chances of it being a reflection. There could be a simple logical explanation for this and if so, please let me know here at Ghoststudy.  _Jim

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