My wife and I visited Monet’s garden at Giverny in 2002 and as true tourists took photographs of each other on the bridge over the lily pond. After waiting for the bridge to be more or less clear of other people I took 2 photos of my wife, one with a conventional film camera & the other with a digital camera ( these within moments of each other). On processing the pictures we were amazed to see a figure of a woman, apparently standing next to my wife, on the digital photo. We are both convinced that there had been nobody by my wife, and indeed I had waited for the bridge to be clear (and my wife would have been irate if someone had joined her having awaited her “turn” on the bridge!). I am a skeptical 64 year old but cannot think of a non paranormal explanation!”

Submitted by:  Richard Wiseman

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The second picture with human image

  Staff comments:
We can't rule out a live person but the female figure on the left looks out of place in the picture. Before we had enlarged the photo we were thinking it was a illusion from a tree but have now ruled that out. If Richard is correct in stating that no one else was on the bridge at the time, then we have a truly remarkable photo. Very Cool!

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