My coworker took this picture of her cat in the front room. The TV was obviously turned OFF. Someone noticed the ghoulish figure in the TV screen on the picture once the photo was developed. The figure is holding a sign that reads "you are staring".   There used to be strange happenings in her house, like shadow figures seen, but no activity recently.  The figure is seen on the negative!  I was given permission by my coworker to scan the print and post it.  I also took a picture of the picture with my digital camera because the quality seemed better for detail.  I will post all pictures

Submitted by:  Michael Busken

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
I find it very interesting that a ghost/spirit would appear holding a sign. If this is real, then the entity actually posed for the picture and included a prop! As usual, for a picture such as this, we cannot rule out the possibility that the TV was really on. And we can't completely rule out photo manipulation. If it truly is an entity, it seems to favor the element of surprise. If anyone knows of a show/movie that might have displayed this figure, please let us know and we'll update this page.

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