I would like to submit a photo that I took on Easter Sunday. My father had just passed away the previous Tuesday. We had the wake on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. All of my family had gathered at my parent's house on Sunday to be together. We decided to have the Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was one of my Dad's favorite things to do on Easter. We were all outside looking for the eggs. The day was cloudy, but no rain. The flash did not come on. It was a little cool, enough for a light jacket if desired. All the photos before and after this one were perfect. We checked the area for anything that could have been reflective. There was nothing. My sister took the photo to be developed in hard copy format at Walgreen's. The lady said she tried everything to remove the spot, but with no luck. She told my sister she had never seen anything like it. We believe this orb to be our father. I had been asking for a clear sign to know he was alright. His death came quite suddenly. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February. He had decided to take chemo and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, he did not tolerate the treatment well and ended up in the hospital the Sunday before Easter. He appeared to be doing better by Tuesday, but then things turned worse and his stomach began to swell quite rapidly Tuesday evening. By 2am he had died. We were not expecting this at all. I tried to cover all the pertinent details of the situation surrounding this photo. Please feel free to write back with any questions or comments you may have.

Submitted by:  Heather Colmenero

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  Staff comments:
This is the only type of orb photo we now post on Ghoststudy. Just so you know, round, colored and faded orbs are (for the most part) generated as a defect in digital cameras. Lens flare and refraction can create similar images when the sun is shining brightly. However, after 10 years of ghost photo research, I must declare that this particular orb image is (more likely than not) a supernatural being caught on film. According to Heather, all the normal ways a digital camera would create a fraudulent orbs are discounted here. For instance, it was a cloudy day, no flash, no rain and reflection is ruled out. So I have to lean towards the possibility of this orb being authentic. I myself caught a very similar orb on film many years ago. It was tormenting my dog at the time. Finally I grabbed my camera and captured an orb much like this on film. I think it would be in disservice to the viewers if this was not posted.... enjoy!

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