whilst sorting out my old photos , I came across this one which I just can't get out of my head. What is the boy in red looking at? Is it the ghost of a young girl floating ? - you can't see her legs, but it's definitely the shape of one. Very strange indeed. It was taken in the 60s or maybe early 70s in Manchester (UK) Hope your experts can make something of it.

Submitted by:  Giles Miller

Figure in white with no lower body... or so it seems


We at Ghoststudy removed the boys legs to make a point

This is the original photo... click thumbnail to view

  Staff comments:
I'm thinking the girl is possibly following a path between to mounds of dirt. If that's the case, then her lower body would be hidden behind the mound. I don't suspect any manipulation was done to the photo, but just for fun, I removed the legs of the boy in red. I did it to show how easy it would be to remove body parts with a photo program. Of course we can't completely rule out the possibility of this being an actual spirit either.... what do you think?

Giles wrote back and he wrote this:
I've just done some more research about the whereabouts of the photo and the other thing that lends weight to this is has been taken on the grounds of a synagogue !

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